Blaine House Centennial Endowment Fund


Old Residence of the Honorable James G. BlaineThe Centennial Endowment Fund was created in 2019 on the 100th anniversary of Harriet Blaine Beale’s gift of the Blaine House to the State of Maine. Built in 1833, this historic building and its grounds require diligent upkeep. The goal of the Fund is to ensure that resources will always be available to maintain this treasured piece of Maine history. Large scale projects, the acquisition of historical documents and items related to the Blaine House, and important restorations are the focus of the Fund’s assets, ensuring that the building and grounds are protected no matter the current economic conditions.  

The Blaine House has been the home of Maine’s Governors for over 100 years. Help us to preserve this historic home for the next 100 years and longer.  

Recent Projects

Solar TrackerA complete facility study was conducted on the home and the grounds assessing everything from structural integrity to energy efficiency. Some of the improvements that have been made in the past few years include:

  • Fuel efficient heat pumps for heating, cooling and air quality installed throughout the house.
  • Repapered the front hall and foyer with historic William Morris 1918 wallpaper print.
  • Solar array on garages with a tracker installed to offset electrical use.
  • Basement and attic newly insulated with updated, more efficient materials.
  • Installed new greenhouse ceiling panels.
  • Refurbished tile floor in sunroom to its original patina and sheen.

Future Renovations

Like every old New England home, grand or not, the Blaine House requires constant attention and upkeep. While the State maintains the general maintenance, larger projects are funded through donations to the Friends of the Blaine House. Since its inception, the FOBH has raised funds for such home improvements as repairs of interior and exterior furnishings, landscaping, ephemera and collectible purchases pertaining to the home and holiday decor. The larger projects we are currently looking to fund are:

  • Design and rebuild of the mahogany/white pine striped floor in the Billiard Room.
  • Reupholstering the reception room formal chairs & settees.


How to Donate by Mail

Make your check out to Friends of the Blaine House, mail to:

P.O. Box 68, Augusta, ME 04330

Home of Maine's Governors since 1919.
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