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The Blaine House was donated to the State of Maine for a Governor's residence by Harriet Blaine Beale in 1919. The house dates back to 1833 and was built by James Hall, a retired ship's captain. James G. Blaine purchased it in 1862 as a present for his wife, the former Harriet Stanwood, daughter of a prominent Augusta family. It was in memory of their grandson, Walker Blaine Beale, killed in action in World War I, that their daughter made her gift of this magnificent structure to the People of Maine.

The first chief executive to live on the premises was Governor Carl E. Miliken who, in 1920, commissioned the famous landscape architectural firm of Olmsted Brothers to design the grounds.



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James G. Blaine

James G. Blaine
A Brief History

Although born in Pennsylvania, James G. Blaine was one of the most illustrious political leaders the State of Maine ever produced.

He was Speaker of the House in the U.S. Congress, then a US Senator and, on two later occasions, served as our country's Secretary of State. In 1884 by less than 2000 votes, he lost the presidency, when he failed to carry the state of New York by that small margin.

In recent years, scholars have begun to re-examine his voice in public life, and especially his international achievements, such as his founding of the Pan American Union, which is now the Organization of American States.

"It is my first and strongest desire, that this house, which has been a home for so many years and in which my son was born, shall be used and maintained as the official residence for the Governor of Maine, ... this would meet the approval of my dear son who devotedly loved his home, Augusta, and his native state. I leave the fulfillment of this trust to the good faith of the State for whose honor my son with many others gave his life."

-- Harriet Blaine Beale, 1919

Garden and grounds photos taken by Matthew Hunt and Kris Weeks-Oliveri
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